Internet Marketing Company Turns The Gaza PR Conflict Into a SEO Case Study

Internet Marketing Company Turns The Gaza PR Conflict Into a SEO Case Study Five SEO 1 services consultants formed a case study team when the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) hired an Israeli-American search engine optimization (SEO) guru to promote their PR efforts on Facebook and YouTube. The PR campaign was designed to overcome the negative backlash of the public opinion amid the violent incursion into Gaza that claimed over 1,300 lives and 6,000 injured. Two hours after the incursion, the IDF’s search engine optimizer launched a Facebook group only to be countered by a pro Palestinian group called Let’s collect 500000 signatures to support the Palestinians in Gaza launched by Facebook user Hamzeh Abu Abed. SEO 1 services also monitored video sites like YouTube where the Qatari based Aljazeera has its own profile. The TV station’s video, entitled Israel launches missile attacks on Gaza, depicting scenes of carnage as a result of the Israeli air bombardment hit a record number of views and comments quasi overnight. Other groups on the Internet have used the online communities to organize marches in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the Palestinian cause in Paris, London, Madrid and in various other European cities. The online PR efforts also brought unexpected alliances between pro-Palestinians, the Israeli anti-war movement and anti-Zionist Rabbis who traded videos, pictures and other materials. “As gruesome and the sadness of the terrible images coming from Gaza this conflict’s spillover into the internet has only confirmed what search engine marketing consultants and SEO experts, have been predicting. The Internet media, with the help Internet marketing, is going to take over traditional media,” says Rodney Brooke with SEO 1 Services. Basically what these groups are engaging in is the use search engine optimization (SEO) and viral marketing techniques to increase visibility, and conduct grassroots activism by bypassing the otherwise inaccessible mainstream media,” he goes on to say. “As a search engine optimization firm our focus is to monitor all aspects and developments of the world wide web as well as the behaviors of social media communities and SEO. Many businesses, especially those firms with niche products and services like eco-friendly products and those targeting “fair trade” consumers, can learn a lot from the dynamics of online activism to market their products,” concludes Rodney Brooke. About SEO 1 Services: SEO 1 Services is an internet marketing company in Dallas, TX specializing in organic or natural search engine optimization (organic SEO), PPC Management, press release services, web design and online reputation management services.

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